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General questions

Questions about canvas photo

Questions about canvas photo

Questions about acrylic glass photo

Questions about Alu-Dibold photo print

General questions

How can I pay?

You can choose between four different payment methods: invoice, credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

What bank account should I transfer the invoiced amount to?

You have purchased on account and would like to transfer the invoiced amount? Please pay to the following account: Deutsche Bank XXLPIX GmbH Account No.:149281801 Bank Code : 10070024 IBAN DE90100700240149281801 SWIFT DEUTDEDBBER

What becomes of my data?

We only store your address in order to process your order and we do not pass it on to third parties. We retain your image files in an internal archive to facilitate reorders. This archive is not accessible to third parties and is protected against outside access. After two years, we will delete your files permanently from our systems.

Which file formats can I upload?

Our system accepts JPG, JEPG and PNG files. Before uploading, please check that your file is in one of these formats. Should your selected image be in a different file format and you are not able to convert it, you can send it to us at We will convert your file into a suitable format free of charge so you can order your favourite photo.

What is the maximum size in megabytes (MB) allowed for my photo file?

When uploading your photos, the maximum file size must not exceed 50 MB. For transferring larger amounts of data we can provide you with a protected FTP access on request. Of course you can also send files on disk. Please note: we are not able to return CDs or DVDs. These will be destroyed after we have transferred your data.

How will I receive the invoice for my order?

Your invoice will be sent to you electronically as a PDF file together with the shipping confirmation. You will also receive a copy of your invoice by post approximately three days after your photos have been dispatched.

In the case of transport damage, what should I do?

Should your photo product be damaged in transport, you must first show the damage immediately to the delivery courier. Then document the damage with a digital camera and contact us. Every shipment is insured and of course we will replace the damaged item and send you a new photo product.

Is my order insured during transport?

Each article is insured during transport for up to €500 per packaged unit. This means that we will replace any products damaged in transit without any ifs and buts.

Do I need a specific colour profile?

Generally no special colour profile is needed. However, processing files with the file format Adobe RGB or sRGB yields especially high colour fidelity.

Can I also pick up the product in the store?

You can find the delivery options for individual products under ‘Shipping’.

Questions about canvas photo

Can I order my canvas print in black and white?

Yes - you can order your canvas print in black and white. Simply upload the picture as a black and white file.

Can I also order collages?

Of course we can also print collages on canvas. You need to deliver the collage as a printable file and then you can easily order your finished collage using the ordering process.

Do you also produce special formats?

On request we can produce any size for you. The size, however, must be in multiples of ten centimetres. For example, a 20 cm x 150 cm format is possible - 67 x 83 cm, however, is not. We do not offer products that are smaller than 20 x 30 cm.

Are the canvas prints waterproof?

The latest printing technology allows for a water-repellent printing of canvas photos. Should liquid get onto the canvas photo, you can remove it carefully with a damp cloth leaving no marks.

Will the resolution of my images be adequate?

With a resolution of two megapixels, good quality canvas photos can be produced in the sizes 80 x 60 cm and 100 x 75 cm. If you want a larger format, your resolution should not be less than four megapixels.

How strong is the frame?

The frame is 2 cm in depth. If you want a stronger frame, you can purchase a wooden frame with a strength of 4 cm during the checkout process.

Is it possible to order canvas prints without the frame?

No, this isn’t possible.

How much of my motif is visible on the edge of the frame?

In the production of your canvas prints the edge accounts for 3 cm of the motif all-round. Turning the border of the canvas around the frame lends your canvas photos a three-dimensional impression. Please note the trim of 3 cm in selecting your image motif so to avoid cropping people’s heads, for example.

Questions about canvas photo

What materials doe you use for printing posters?

Your photo is printed on the following types of Fujifilm premium photo paper giving four different surfaces: Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme HD in gloss and matt Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DP II in silk Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper in pearl (metallic) The papers we use are thicker than standard paper. They are suited to the special requirements of digital photography - the colours are impressive and the contrasts convincing.

The colours on my monitor look different to the poster. Why?

Minor colour variations are unavoidable. The picture you see on your screen can vary depending on the settings for brightness, resolution, contrast, and on the graphics card.

Will my poster be cut to size?

When you get your poster there will be no white edges – so it doesn’t need any cropping.

How resistant is such a poster?

The posters are light resistant and are not affected by some humidity.

What kind of packaging is used to ship my poster?

We will ship your poster rolled up in “bend-proof” poster tube.

Questions about acrylic glass photo

Is the acrylic glass photo translucent?

A direct printing process delivers two layers of colour to the acrylic glass plate. The glass plate retains its translucency and may be backlit to produce an impressive effect.

How is the acrylic glass printed?

We print your photo directly onto the glass. We do not glue onto photo paper, which over time would inevitably begin to peel off. With this new printing technology, you get an excellent colour rendering, which unlike glued photo paper does not fade and cannot peel off.

Can the acrylic glass photo be mounted outdoors?

Both the glass and the inks are waterproof and can be used outdoors.

Can collages be printed on acrylic glass?

Yes, you can order your completed collage in the normal way using the ordering process.

Are the acrylic glass prints waterproof?

In the lithographic process your image is printed directly onto the glass. This means that our prints are durable and waterproof.

Can I make an acrylic glass photo from an ordinary photo print?

Of course - if you don’t have your favourite photo in digital form, you can always send us a picture by post. We will scan your photo free of charge and then return the original.

What materials are used to make an acrylic glass photo?

Acrylic glass is a plastic with the properties of glass, but without its fragility and weight. So it is the perfect material for your photos giving a high-gloss surface that offers excellent protection.

Will the resolution of my image be adequate for acrylic glass photo?

With a resolution of four mega-pixels, acrylic glass photos can be printed in 80 x 60 cm and 100 x 75 cm formats in very good quality.

How strong or thick is the acrylic glass panel?

As standard, we offer acrylic glass in both 3 mm and 8 mm thickness. However, in principle we can offer almost any thickness as a special format. If you need a particular material thickness, ask us about it and we will gladly make you an attractive offer.

Questions about Alu-Dibold photo print

How is the Alu-Dibond printed?

Your motif is applied directly to the aluminium panel using flat bed printing.

Are Alu-Dibond prints waterproof?

The ink is water and UV-resistant.

Is it possible to install Alu-Dibond outdoors?

The material is tough and the printing inks are waterproof and can thus be used outdoors.

What materials are used to make Aliu_Dibond products?

Alu-Dibond is a 3mm thick, 3-layer composite board with excellent properties suited to long-term use both indoors and outdoors. It consists of a black polyethylene core with an aluminium top layer added to both the front and back. Alu-Dibond is characterised by a very low weight, high dimensional stability and excellent weather resistance.

What is the difference between satin and brushed?

Brushed aluminium provides an inspiring, finely textured surface combined with a metallic gloss you may be familiar with from metallic photo paper.

Are Alu-Dibond photos also available in all formats?

Yes, we provide two product versions in various sizes up to 120 x 160 cm - from the classic photo format in 3 : 2, through digital photo formats in 4 : 3, up to panorama formats in 2 : 1.

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